The facilities:

Hi-tech and latest machinery is used for the manufacturing. The ongoing process of bettering the standards is the major task of our strong R&D Department.


Dry Film Laminator
This process is used for laminating the PCB with Dry Film Photoresist. It ensures sharp and dimensionally accurate image transfer. Line width and spacing -6 mil (0.15 mm)

CNC Drilling / Routing / Programming Machine
CNC Drilling Machine with variable spindle speed up to 60,000 RPM for high position accuracy and good repeatability. It produces consistent burr free drilled PCB panels

Hot Air Leveling Machine
SMOBC PCBs are hot air leveled to achieve excellent solderability and smooth finish, suitable for assembly of SMD components.

Ultra-modern Machineries :
  CNC drilling/routing/ programming M/C
  Semi-automatic plating line,
  Dry film laminator
  Exposing & Developing M/C for high resolution
  Image transfer,
  Alkaline etching system,
  Stripping M/C
  Hot air leveling M/C
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