Mr. Hemant Darawade
a journey from downs to up....

Neither a fiction nor a story, but it is a journey of a helper to become the owner of a huge set up.

Mr. Hemant Darawade, owner of TCS, has an amazingly inspiring career chart, setting an idol to many young entrepreneurs. He has literally lived his dream. Not so good financial conditions of his family made him start his career at an early age as a helper in a PCB manufacturing company.

With his talent and his awesome grasping ability, he then progressed upto the Production Controller.

One fine morning, he just walked out of the company to set up his own PCB manufacturing company.

Then there was never looking back.

His vision, his dedication and amazing decision making ability, his dream shaped up in sprawling 7000 sq. ft. area to manufacture the excellent quality PCBs.

Today, his quality consciousness has made his company a landmark PCB manufacturing company in the field.

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